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Professional Ear Piercing· Body Piercing Service

Safe, Sterile ,Hypo-Allergenic

Different ear shapes require different skills to pierce.

Our trained personnel will advise as to the placement of dots.

They will pay special attention to the level and angle of insertion.

The distance between the face and the first pair of holes and the distance between holes etc. 

Step by step Procedure for Ear Piercing


  1. 1 Clean the front and back sides of the ear with sterile cotton
  2. 2 Mark the ears with iodine_based surgical marking pen is safe for      ear piercing
  3. 3 Provide ideal position by different face types
  4. 4 The customer who wears the ear confirms the position, and the       customer who wears the ear is not satisfied with the position and     can re-select the position.
  5. 5 Open the sealed individual package and take out the capsule
  6. 6 aiming to complete the ear