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Ear Piercing FAQ

Is it painful to ear piercing system?

The pain is different from person to person. The process of wearing the ear takes only a few seconds. After wearing the ear, the ear feels hot. Most of the ear wearrs think that the process of wearing the ear is almost painless and slightly painful.
Can you ear piercing if you have eczema or sensitive skin?
There are many people who are sensitive to or sensitive to eczema. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor before dressing and evaluate the skin condition before wearing the ear. It is recommended to use materials with high anti-sensitivity to reduce allergic reactions.

Who is not suitable for ear piercing system ?
Person taking anticoagulant
Pregnant woman
Physical discomfort
Serious heart disease
High blood pressure is too low
For long-term patients, it is recommended to consult a doctor before wearing the ear.

Will I be able to leave the earrings out without the hole closing?
Yes, the original ear red hole does not grow scar tissue, you can wear it in the original position, if you grow the scar tissue, you should piercing the ear in the surrounding position.

How many years can you ear piercing ?
For more than three months, if you have been vaccinated, you can wear your ear. It is not recommended that children sleep when they are scared.

Can you wet the water after ear piercing ?
It is recommended to wear wet water after four hours of piercing. You can wash your hair, shower, and swim as usual, and then clean the care solution to disinfect the ear hole. Pay attention to avoid bumps/towels and avoid contact with perfume/hairdressing supplies.