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How to care after piercing ?

How to care after piercing ?

  • Clean your hands thoroughly, clean the ring at least twice a day
  • When nursing, (normally) do not need to take off the ring, first moisten the cotton pad with the care solution, soften the skin near the hole, push the earrings back and forth, and drop the appropriate amount of cleaning solution with a cotton pad or cotton swab
  •  Clean the ring rod and excessive secretions around the ring hole, then use the care solution to rinse the paper towel to absorb too much cleaning solution, and repeat the steps to clean the back position
  • Check that there must be enough space between the ring and the ring to allow air to circulate and promote recovery
  • Avoid eczema/sensitive people during the recovery of the hole Seafood, peanuts, beef, because these foods also have the opportunity to make the wounds inflamed !

Nursing after the formation of the ring

• It takes a long time to wear a ring after the formation of the ring hole to prevent the ring hole from closing.
• Ring hole ~ In the first 18 months, do not wear a ring hole for more than 24 hours. The ring hole should be worn continuously day and night, and should be worn immediately after cleaning.
• To maintain a healthy ring for a long time, it is recommended to clean the skin and ring and button with a gentle care solution before and after the ring is worn every day.
• Protect the pierced ears in rehabilitation
• When answering the phone, combing your hair, shampooing or changing clothes, be careful not to let the hair wrap around the ring hole, which will strain the ring hole.
• Avoid collisions that affect the rehabilitation of the ringhole during daily life or during exercise
• Do not allow new ring holes to come into contact with irritating chemicals such as perfumes/hair sprays.
The hole in the healing period is still forming. Removing the earrings too early and replacing them with other rings may cause inflammation of the holes and cause inflammation.