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Needle Piercing FAQ

Common problems with needle piercing

Will it be inflamed after needle piercing ?

Inflammation depends on the situation and extent. The wearer is a wound. If you never care for clean, the chance of inflammation must exist, and you need to be patient.

Preventing the ring hole after piercing is a new wound. It is necessary to carry out cleansing care to avoid inflammation of the wound. If the redness/pain is abnormal after a few days of piercing the ring, there may be signs of inflammation, and daily care should be taken. Avoid collision, tension, keep the ring between the ring and the ring, there is enough space for air circulation to promote rehabilitation

What is the difference between a gun and a hand? Which method will be better?

~ People can choose personal favorite ring to wear directly, gun piercing earrings, gun piercing earring styles with gun piercing, there are restrictions;
  ~ There is no position limitation for hand needle piercing, and gun piercing has position limitation. It can be used for ear lobe, ear helix,tragus, conch,...
  ~ The price of needle piercing is calculated separately from the earrings. You can bring your own earrings. It’s more flexible.
  ~Light pressure pierced earrings have designated earrings, and the price depends on the material and style of the pierced earrings selected by the individual; the price of the earrings is enough

How long does it take for the earring to recover? How long does it take to change the earring?

The cartilage healing time is six to twelve weeks. If inflammation or other unsuitable conditions are found, the time may be prolonged. The ring hole formation progress is evaluated first, and the ring is replaced.

Will it hurt to ear piercing ?

The pain is different from person to person. The process of ear piercing takes only a few seconds. After ear piercing , it feels hot. Most of the users who wear the ring think that the process is almost painless and slightly painful.

Do I need to abstain from eating/drinking after ear piercing?

  For those with eczema or extremely sensitive skin, it is better to quit after piercing the ears to avoid inflammation of the wound
  Small drinking is not a big problem

Can you wet the water after needle
piercing ?

It is recommended that you can wet the water after four hours of ear piercing . You can wash your hair, shower, and swim as usual, and then clean the care solution to disinfect the ring. Pay attention to avoid bumps/towels and avoid contact with perfume/hairdressing supplies.

Can you piercing earlashes if you have eczema or sensitive skin?

There are many successful people who have sensitive or eczema to wear through the ring. However, it is recommended to consult the doctor before wearing the ring and evaluate the skin condition before wearing the ring. It is recommended to use materials with high sensitivity to reduce allergic reactions.

Who is not suitable for needle piercing ?




Person taking anticoagulant

Pregnant woman

Physical discomfort

Serious heart disease

High blood pressure is too low

For long-term patients, it is recommended to consult a doctor before wearing the ear.

Can the ring hole be closed before it can be worn?

Yes, if there is no scar tissue on the original hole, you can wear it in the original position. If you grow the scar tissue, you should wear a ring at the surrounding position.

Can I wear a needle directly with my favorite ring?

Needle piercing by hand-you can put it on as long as the position is suitable. It can be used for piercing only if it has not been used and needs to be disinfected by us in advance.